Terms & Conditions

Duty of Care

Risk Management

  • Insurance
    • Client can participate in the company’s safety meetings
  • Licenses
    • Sunshine Limo is licensed by all local airports and passenger transportation regulatory agencies
  • Drivers
    • Drivers are fully vetted before hiring
      • Initial and random drug test performed by a third-party medical agency
      • Motor vehicle records reviewed quarterly for new violations
      • National background checked upon hiring and every 6 months
    • Driver Fatigue Management
      • Sunshine has a Driver Fatigue Management process that anticipates potential problems and corrects them in advance
    • Vehicles
      • All our vehicles are 3*+ NTSB ratings
    • Support
      • Concierge Level Support by in-house agents 24/7/365

Terms and Conditions

  • Booking
  • Additional Discretionary charges
    • Time allowance for picks is 15 minutes for non-airport, 30 minutes for domestic arriving flights, and 60 minutes for international flights. Additional time will be charged in increments of 30 minutes based on the base rate.
    • Pick-up and drop-offs from 12am until 5:59am there will be a surcharge of $20.00.
    • Holidays and Special Events additional charges may apply.

Presently, we are charging a temporary 5% fuel surcharge; this is subject to change without notice on the website.

  • Gratuities are included in the fare and given 100% to the chauffeur; additional gratuity will be at the customer’s discretion.
  • Cancelations
    • One hour before pick up for Sedans and SUVs, other vehicles will vary. More information can be provided upon request.
  • Support
    • Concierge Level Support by in-house agents 24/7/365
  • Service Incident Resolution Process
    • Email your concern [email protected].All grievances and complaints will be reviewed and answered within 24 hours. Except for weekends.
  • Privacy & Data Protection
    • Booking Engine

Sunshine Limo utilizes a third-party booking software called Limo Anywhere. Limo Anywhere follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the personally identifiable information and the financial data submitted to Sunshine Limo via its booking portal, both during transmission and after receiving it.

  • PCI Compliance

Sunshine Limo abides by all PCI compliances.


  • Personal and Non-Personal data

Customer data will not be shared with any third party and will not be used for advertisement purposes. All communication will be to deliver service. Sunshine Limo is the single merchant of records regardless of if your assignment is outsourced to another provider nationwide.

For additional questions or clarifications, please contact Sunshine Limo via email at [email protected] or 1-877-495-4747.








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