Special Deliveries

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Choose Sunshine Limo for Your Special Delivery Needs

Offering Delivery Services with a Personal Touch

Now you can make your packages extra special with our professional chauffeurs and luxury vehicle’s. Whether you need to send a small envelope out today or you need to send an entire Sprinter load full of items, our professional chauffeurs at Sunshine Limo, can add a personal touch to any package. Our chauffeurs have an excellent reputation for reliability and safety that ensures your Very Important Package gets to their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Many individuals and organizations have a need for special delivery, and at Sunshine Limo, we serve a wide variety of industries with this service, including law firms in need of urgent paperwork, media and special gifts to name a few. Get in touch with Sunshine Limo today for all of your expedited courier needs!

When Swift Delivery is Essential

Fully Licensed, Certified, and Insured

In most cases, the experts at Sunshine Limo are able to provide same-day delivery for your important parcels and packages across the state of Florida. We’re also available to provide updates so you can know exactly where your special packages are and exactly when they arrive at their destination.

Sunshine Limo treats all of our passengers with critical care and respect, and the same goes for your special packages and parcels. When you entrust your deliveries with us, we’ll provide the rapid turnaround and detailed care you expect from a leader in the field. Give us a chance to handle your special packages today and we’ll be sure to exceed your expectations.

Sunshine Limo offers urgent deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.