Safety & Quality

Our Quality & Safety Standards

At Sunshine Limo, your safety is our #1 priority

Sunshine Limo is inspected and audited by the Federal Department of Transportation as well as the Florida Department of Transportation on an annual basis. Sunshine Limo has had 0 violations or infractions of any kind throughout company history. Additonally, none of our clients have ever suffered any form of injury while being chauffeured in any of our vehicles.

In order to maintain the highest standards for both safety and quality, Sunshine Limo follows the following protocols:

  Every Sunshine Limo chauffeur must pass a thorough background and safety check prior to their interview.
  Every interview is conducted by an official member of the Sunshine Limo team.
  All chauffeurs are employees of Sunshine Limo and are not independent contractors.
  Prior to transporting any client, chauffeurs must complete a thorough 1-week training and certification program. They must receive the hiring endorsement of their instructor(s) at the end of the course.
  Sunshine Limo is a zero tolerance, drug-free work environment.
  Prior to offer of employment, Sunshine Limo’s insurance company reviews and verifies all chauffeur driving records.
  Sunshine Limo’s insurance company completes an annual audit of all safety policies and procedures.
  Sunshine Limo has dedicated, 24-hour live dispatch available 7 days per week.
  Every vehicle in our fleet includes a web-based GPS tracking device. This system allows us to automate and continuously monitor over 30 safety and quality standards. The system also issues automatic alerts directly to Sunshine Limo if a company standard has not been achieved.
  Sunshine Limo operates from its own office, located in Bonita Springs, Florida.
  Each day, every vehicle is subjected to a mandatory 25-point safety check, which includes both interior and exterior inspections along with an engine check. This safety check is performed for a second time at the end of each day. All reports are delivered to dispatch by the chauffeurs at the end of their shifts. In the event that a vehicle requires maintenance, said vehicle will receive immediate attention before returning to active service.
  Sunshine Limo mechanics maintain a database that tracks all performed vehicle maintenance. This ensures that no recurring item is overlooked. Additionally, all maintenance and safety checks are completed every 3,000 miles per vehicle.
  Sunshine Limo administers random drug testing and alcohol screenings for all employees on an annual basis.
  Each transfer is reviewed by Sunshine Limo as well as the chauffeur who performed the transfer in order to guarantee that the service provided has exceeded our quality and safety standards.

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